This initiative is funded by Mats Paulssonstiftelsen.

Mental health is the state of emotional and psychological well-being that enables individuals to navigate challenges, build relationships, and maintain balance resilience in everyday life.

Each of us possesses the inherent capacity to nurture and maintain good mental health through self-awareness and healing practices.

In a world marked by conflict and division, good mental health is essential, for each individual but also for us as a people to come together, foster understanding and manifest the world as we like it.

Hug started this initiative together with a team of mental coaches for you to come back to your roots and give you the tools you need for improving your mental health.

Our team

With their expertise, these mental coaches warmly guide individuals towards greater self-awareness and resilience, creating a nurturing space for improved mental health and skillful life navigation. All our sessions are free of charge. We provide online and in person meetings as well as individual and group sessions.

Yaroslava Svhen

PhD in Psychological Sciences, specialized in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Body-Oriented Therapy, and Gestalt Therapy.

Victoria Svidovska

Psychologist with a PhD in Pedagogical Sciences and an experienced coach. Specializes in psychological counselling, coaching, career guidance, and art therapy.

Reports from Sweden

Ukraine is grappling with the invisible scars of upheaval and loss. Their journey, marked by the shadows of war, has brought them here, seeking refuge and a semblance of peace.

A recent survey, encompassing 564 Ukrainians in the Gothenburg area, shows a silent yet profound struggle. This crisis of mental well-being among our Ukrainian friends is a reminder of the deep wounds that conflict inflicts, not just on landscapes, but on the human spirit. 


Feel lonely


Have difficulty adapting to Sweden


Feel anxiety difficult to deal with


Struggle with sleep, appetite, or physical health