This initiative is funded by the European Social Fund under the project name Empower UA, a project encompassing Better You&Me, CareConnectWithUkraine and Mriya.

Mriya is a supportive project dedicated to young Ukrainians, aged 16-23, living in Sweden. We offer a nurturing environment where we provide internships, guide through job-seeking processes, and assist with higher education admissions. 

However, Mriya is more than a gateway to professional opportunities; it’s a place to build enduring friendships and connect with peers navigating similar life experiences.

We are committed to providing the tools necessary to instill confidence and bolstering self-esteem. By fostering a sense of belonging and integration into Swedish society, we aim to empower them for a brighter future.

We believe in nurturing self-confidence and empowering the youth, preparing them to thrive in their new community. Together, we're building a supportive community that not only welcomes young Ukrainians but also helps them thrive in their new country.